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Connecting Effective Communication and Business

An interview, a Podcast with me, about effective communication and the business. This week marks the kickoff of a brand new season of the Institute for Dispute Resolution’s “Connecting Bridges and Borders” podcast series. The IDR wrote: it is honored to have the extremely accomplished Thomas Barat sit down with Professor Weiss to outline some ways in which businesses can work to increase cross-border communication.

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Twitter Post

Twitter post from Association of Foreign Press Correspondents USA. Susan M. Tehrani, Vice President, and Alan Jude Ryland, the General Secretary of the AFC USA, liked a Tweet.


CERP Papers

European Public Relations Recommendation for E-Public relations

E-Public Relations

Public relations is the conscious organisation of communication. Public relations is a management function. The task of public relations is: To achieve mutual understanding and to establish beneficial relationships, between the organisation and its publics and environment, through two-way communication.

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