BILD expo 2023

Meeting of the photo world in New York

Perhaps the world’s largest photo store, B&H Photo, one of New York City’s iconic landmarks, turned 50 this year. To mark the occasion, the BILD EXPO exhibition and conference was held in the new building of the Jacob Javits Exhibition and Conference Centre.  I was there, as a correspondent.


BILD expo 2023BILD expo 2023The event attracted crowds of tens of thousands of visitors to the exhibition hall and the conference. Not by chance, as they say, “everyone who lives and moves” in the field of photography and filmmaking was there.

The Bild equipment exhibition highlighted over 130 brands from around the world. Among the exhibitors, no one was missing from the large, multi-companies in photography and filmmaking, but medium and small companies were also present. Of course, the giants Canon, Nikon, and Sony had a massive stand. The correspondent saw many innovations, especially in the field of lighting technology and TV studio technology, and many innovations in the field of image storage. For instance, 4TB SSD hard disks. One of the key messages from the event’s press release was that Bild Expo is the „celebrate innovation and excellence in the creative technology industries, which B&H has supported since 1973.”

BILD expo 2023

“Bild”, as the expression was chosen to describe the history of B&H, according to the press release: „“Bild” is the Yiddish word for “image” and represents both B&H’s 50-year commitment to supporting the creative community.

Jeff Gerstel, B&H’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated, “B&H is excited to launch Bild Expo and welcome many thousands of enthusiasts to this incredible celebration of photo, video, and audio creativity. We are proudly marking B&H’s 50th anniversary with our biggest event ever, to thank people for allowing us to serve them for many years, and to kick off the next 50 years.”

BILD expo 2023The Bild Expo was not only an exhibition but also more than 60 presentations to help and encourage visitors and buyers to take better photos and film. The event was an educational event, training for photographers and filmmakers, where the best practices, state-of-the-art tools, and methods were presented. Participants were taught through practical workshops – photo walks – and individual portfolio evaluations.


Some photos I took at BILD expo.