Hungarian Journalists Responds to Cyber Attacks

The foreignpress media portal published a report I wrote about the situation of the press in Hungary.  “More than forty Hungarian online media outlets have recently suffered a so-called “overload attack,” which made the operation of the media portals unavailable for a longer or shorter period, the National Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ) announced.” Read More

The AFPC US Chairwomen and Directors and the award-winning journalists when the start button was pressed.  Photo source: Nasdaq

Nasdaq: opening at the bell

In the life of a journalist, there are special moments because they take the reporter to places where it is either impossible or difficult for anyone to go. One such moment is the stock exchange opening ceremony, broadcast live on television. As a foreign correspondent, I was invited to such a ceremony, along with several other journalists, AFPC USA Board members, and some award-winning colleagues. Read More



The QC Budapest Circle, based in Hungary, regularly organizes Masonic walks not only for Freemasons. The following short film reports on one such walk. I was delighted to be involved in the making of the film.  Read More