Connecting Effective Communication and Business

An interview, a Podcast with me, about effective communication and the business. This week marks the kickoff of a brand new season of the Institute for Dispute Resolution’s “Connecting Bridges and Borders” podcast series. The IDR wrote: it is honored to have the extremely accomplished Thomas Barat sit down with Professor Weiss to outline some ways in which businesses can work to increase cross-border communication.

Thomas Barat is a retired Professor of Communication who has written over 17 books on his area of expertise. He is also an experienced media journalist, the Editor in Chief of the eCCO Magazine and is currently the President of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (AmHunCham), a position that takes the stage in this week’s podcast episode.

Thomas Barat and Professor Weiss dissect AmHunCham’s methods of cultivating cross-border relationships and even outline their task model.

Barat and Professor Weiss agree that Mediation and Public Relations are two key components in promoting strong communication between nations within businesses and organizations. As Barat puts it, “The Public Relations practitioner is a manager of the management,” which explains AmHunCham’s close relationship with the IDR, among other groups focused on mediation and inclusive cross-border conversations.

The Institute for Dispute Resolution at NJCU is a platform under the School of Business that seeks to promote international negotiation and mediation techniques to manage disputes in cross border commercial and general conflict resolution forums.

IDR presented on youtube the new podcast’s series:

“Welcome back to Connecting Bridges and Borders! Today we have a very special guest who wears three major “hats,” Thomas Barat.

You can learn about this and much more at the link posted above. Tune in to hear Thomas Barat’s and Professor Weiss’s fascinating and educational conversation.

Thomas Barat three hats consist of being the President of the American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, a retired professor of communication, as well as, a being the Editor in Chief of ECCO Magazine.

Mr. Barat, has also authored and published 17 books on communication and public relations. He was also the Executive Vice President of the Hungarian Public Relations Association and the European Public Relations Confederation.

In this video we discuss the “bridge” between effective communication and business and how public relations is one of most important members of a business’ team.”

Thomas Barat is the Founder, President of American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce,  Founder, Editor in Chief of CCO Magazine, Journalist, Board Member – Executive Committee Member – Treasurer of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA

Source: Entrepreneurship and Innovation NJCU Jersey City  Connecting Bridges and Borders Program